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Leigh T.

스무~스하게 대화를 이끌어가는 열정뿜뿜 튜터 레이!

Leigh T.

스무~스하게 대화를 이끌어가는 열정뿜뿜 튜터 레이!

5,548 Lessons


I have seven years of teaching experience.
I have a TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language Diploma, I have also passed three Cambridge Assessment English tests.
I began teaching English in 1994, in Japan when ESL classes were only classroom based, teaching mostly University students through a privately owned school called School Service Centre.
I have been teaching online to Chinese students from ages 3 up to 50 years of age, through a school called First Future in Manila the capital of the Philippines.

Teaching is exhilarating. I never feel more energized than after a class that has gone well. I believe in creating and maintaining a good rapport or connection with every student is very important for each student’s learning progress. More of each lesson will be remembered when each class is a more enjoyable and rewarding experience. This requires a certain degree of friendship between teacher and student, and this is what makes teaching such a rewarding occupation.

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