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Do you have a hobby?


I love to ~ : ~하기를 좋아한다. My hobby is ~ : 내 취미는 ~이다. to refresh myself, : 활력을 얻기 위해서 to lose some weight : 살을 빼기 위해 It relieves stress. : 스트레스를 풀어준다. When I succeed to grab a doll in a grab-a-prize machine, I feel like I gain the whole world. : 인형뽑기 기계에서 인형뽑았을 때, 세상 모든 것을 다 가진 기분이다.


I love to play sports. I particularly like soccer. One of my hobbies is to watch TV. I like Korean soap operas in particular. The scenes from soap operas are so much fun. I like to take a nap. Sometimes, I give up having lunch and just go to a nap café and take a nap during the lunch break. It makes me so refreshed and gives me more energy.